Boat Cable

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UL 1426: Wire designated and tested for marine use including stranding and insulation designed to withstand harsh marine conditions
BC-5W2: Rated for 105°C dry and 75°C wet environments

Wire Specs:

AWG Color Strands Voltage Temp (Dry) Temp (Wet) Jacket Outside Diameter Weight (lbs/ft)
1 Black 836 600 105°C 75°C 0.080 0.518 0.325
2 Black 665 600 105°C 75°C 0.060 0.437 0.251
4 Black 420 600 105°C 75°C 0.060 0.386 0.168
6 Black/Red/Green-Yellow 266 600 105°C 75°C 0.060 0.324 0.114